For more than six decades, Rodale has been at the forefront of environmental responsibility. The company's founder, J.I. Rodale, coined the term "organic" and pioneered the idea that food grown without harmful chemicals was better for the soil and better for people. Ever since, Rodale has been promoting "healthy living on a healthy planet" - both through our content and the way we do business.

Special issues and regular features in our magazines focus on the environment, and Organic Gardening helps readers grow a better world, beginning with their own backyards. The publisher of Vice President Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and Earth in the Balance, as well as organic lifestyle books like Renee Loux's Easy Green Living, Rodale Books educates readers on the important environmental issues we face - and gives them the tools they need to make a real difference.

From serving organic food in our cafeterias to partnering with vendors that put sustainability at the heart of their business, Rodale is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We participate in a number of industry-wide green programs, and encourage readers to make smart environmental choices by helping them recycle our products.

Rodale participates in the Magazine Publishers of America Please Recycle This Magazine! Campaign, encouraging readers to take advantage of curbside and drop-off recycling programs. Recycled magazines are used to make newsprint, tissue, paper/box board, and even writing paper. Increasing magazine recycling will reduce the amount of new fiber that must be obtained from wood, meaning that fewer trees can be harvested to produce a given quantity of paper or board product. (Source: Magazine Publishers of America.)

Rodale also encourages readers to recycle the plastic polybag used to package subscriber copies of our magazines. An increasing number of communities and retailers accept these bags for recycling.
To find a facility that accepts polybag recycling in your area, please visit: