Maria Rodale, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Maria Rodale is the CEO and Chairman of Rodale Inc. She is an activist and a businesswoman who has made promoting the benefits of an organic lifestyle both her personal mission and her business.    Learn More

Paul A. McGinley, EVP/General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer

Paul A. McGinley is EVP/General Counsel and Chief Administrative Office of Rodale Inc. As General Counsel, McGinley provides legal counsel, representation, and advice to all of the company's businesses and oversees all of the company's legal activities. One of the founding partners of Gross, McGinley, LaBarre & Eaton law firm in Allentown, PA, McGinley has practiced law in the Lehigh Valley since 1974. Learn More

Stephen Twilliger, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Twilliger is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Rodale Inc. He is responsible for all the company’s finance and accounting activities.    Learn More

Beth Buehler, Chief Operating Officer

Beth Buehler is the Chief Operating Officer of Rodale Inc. and is responsible for improving business processes and operating performance metrics across the organization to drive long-term growth. In this role, she oversees the business operations for several integral areas across the company, including: eCommerce, Marketing, Direct Products, Business Operations, Digital Revenue Operations, Editorial Production, Business Developments/Digital Partnerships, Digital Products and Software Development.Learn more.

Miranda DeSantis, SVP, Human Resources

Miranda DeSantis is Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Rodale Inc. In this role, she leads all areas of the employment experience including organizational development and design, talent acquisition and management, learning and development, Total Rewards, as well as culture and communications across the company's portfolio of world class brands. Learn more

Laura Frerer-Schmidt Senior Vice President, Managing Director Women’s Health and Rodale Corporate Sales

Laura Frerer-Schmidt is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Women’s Health and Rodale Corporate Sales. She is responsible for revenue and profit generation, brand marketing, and platform development for Women’s Health, and leads the Rodale Corporate sales team in strategizing integrated programs to serve advertisers across all Rodale brands. In her position, Frerer-Schmidt oversees corporate branding to ensure that Rodale’s positioning within the marketplace provides the competitive edge and solutions-based selling approach critical in today’s media landscape.

Robert Novick, Head of Global Business Development

Robert Novick is Head of Global Business Development at Rodale Inc. In this role, Novick is responsible for international partnerships, international licensing and finding new ways to extend the company's position as the leading source of health and wellness information, worldwide. His role recently expanded to include affiliate partnerships and all logo licensing for Rodale’s brands. Learn More

Joyce Shirer, SVP, Marketing

Joyce Shirer is SVP of Marketing at Rodale Inc. In this role, she leads and manages the company’s consumer marketing efforts across its broad portfolio of direct books, magazine subscriptions, branded products and ecommerce initiatives. She is also responsible for retail sales, business intelligence, audience development and new customer acquisition. Additional areas of the business that fall under her purview are Creative, Communications and Research. Learn More

Gail Gonzales, VP and Publisher, Rodale Books

Gail Gonzales is VP/Publisher for Rodale Books. In this role, she oversees Rodale’s trade publishing book operations, including editorial, marketing, and distribution channels. She also oversees Rodale Wellness, a content, community, and commerce site where visitors can find inspiration, life-changing products (including DVDs, e-course, and more), and access to the world’s best wellness influencers. Learn More

Michael Lafavore, Editorial Director, Rodale Inc

Michael Lafavore is Editorial Director for Rodale Inc. In this role, Mike has editorial oversight of the company’s largest brand, Men’s Health. He also provides guidance and input across the company's portfolio of world class brands, which includes Men's Health, Women's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, Rodale's Organic Life, and Bicycling. Learn more

Heidi Cho, VP, Digital Content

Heidi Cho is the VP of Digital Content for Rodale Inc. In this role, she has editorial oversight across the company’s brand sites and social media networks. Previously, she was the Digital Director of Prevention and Rodale's Organic Life.  Learn More

David Willey, SVP/Editor-in-Chief, Runner’s World

David Willey is Senior Vice President of Rodale Inc. and Editor-in-Chief of Runner’s World, overseeing all editorial operations of the brand. He joined the company in 2003 and oversaw an award-winning redesign of Runner's World in 2004, recruiting a roster of new talent to broaden its audience and creative ambition. Learn More

Matt Bean, Vice President/Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health

Matt Bean was named VP/Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health, the best-selling men’s fitness and lifestyle magazine brand, in September 2016. In this role, Bean oversees multiple editorial platforms including print, digital, social, television and branded books, reaching an all-time high monthly audience of more than 35 million.  Learn More

Melanie Hansche, Editor-in-Chief, Rodale's Organic Life

Melanie Hansche is Editor-in-Chief of Rodale’s Organic Life, the new handbook for living naturally in the modern work. In this role, she oversees the editorial direction across all Organic Life brand platforms, including the magazine’s editorial, digital, and mobile presence.
Learn More

Amy Keller Laird, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health

Amy Keller Laird is the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, the fastest growing women’s magazine in the world. She is responsible for overseeing the editorial direction across all brand platforms, including the magazine’s print, digital, tablet, and mobile presence, as well as books and international editions. Learn More

Bill Strickland, Editor-in-Chief, Bicycling

Bill Strickland was named the Editor-in-Chief of Bicycling for the second time in his 23-year career at the brand in August 2014. He was also editor-in-chief from 1999-2003, and has been an editor-at-large at the magazine since then. Learn More

Barbara O’Dair, Editor-in-Chief of Prevention

Barbara O’Dair is Editor-in-Chief of Prevention, the world’s most established healthy lifestyle brand. In this role, she oversees and directs content across all Prevention platforms, including the magazine’s editorial, digital and mobile presence. O’Dair brings 12 years of cross-platform edition experience and will be at the helm of the company’s flagship brand as it ushers in a new business model and editorial vision.